FIA Formula 3 Championship Post Sprint Race Press Conference


Martinius congratulations, race three of your rookie season and already a race winner, how does that feel?

Of course, if feels really nice, Bahrain was not a great round for us, we struggled during Qualifying. Starting from the back we managed to make some overtakes but having a better Qualifying here helped a lot.

Today starting at the front and getting into the lead early on, you had Arvid closing you down in the mid-part of the race, what was your feeling ahead of the Safety Car. Did you think you were under threat?

He was coming really fast and I was struggling with my tyres so the Safety Car helped me a lot to bring my tyres back in. After the Safety Car the pace was quite strong so happy with that.

How did you manage that Safety Car restart. There is a lot of pressure on it leading the race with not long to go. Did you have a plan in place for that?

Honestly, I had no plan, I just went at that point. I decided to just go. I gota bit of wheelspin when I pulled off the start, so I was a but sideways, but I managed a good gap. The Safety Car restart was not bad.

What was the feeling like as you can round the final corner when you know you got the job done and you saw the chequered flag?

Yeah, it was really nice after having such a difficult round in Bahrain. I was expecting Arvid to come and try and overtake me so I am happy to have crossed the line P1.

How much confidence does this results give you heading into tomorrow's race trying to pick up some more points and kickstart your season?

Yes it helps a lot, after Bahrain it was of course not that great. We were struggling quite a bit so to get a result like this it helps a lot. I hope we can carry this momentum throughout the season and keep working hard.